Maverick vs. Dolph Denner

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Inked aggressor Dolph Denner knows a thing or two about keeping his body in prime condition. He flies through a set of crunches and push-ups like a pro, all the while prepping himself for the fight of his life. But all the preparation in the world couldn’t prepare him for Maverick’s entrance into the ring, plowing into the dumbfounded Denner like a freight train, leaving him shaken, red-faced, and understandably terrified...begging to know what he did to deserve this. 

Maverick answers Denner’s desperate pleas with fists, full body throws, and by crushing his torso in a scissor hold that inspires what might be our quote of the year...“These thighs are so GIRTHY!” 

Poor Denner endures an excruciating hammerlock, a knee to the groin, and some old school fish-hooking. Maverick enjoys inviting Denner to leave the cage, only to smash him through the ropes like playdough and throw him against the chain link like a worthless dish he’s trying to break. Next comes some long held neck work involving Maverick’s massive meat-hooks clamped squarely over Denner’s screaming mouth...and still Denner wants to know what he did wrong. 

“Is it because I’m a fan of Lonnie DuMont?” he begs pathetically, face practically in the floor.  

“No, but that’s a sin in itself,” Maverick responds, humorlessly. “I think you get off on these ass-whoopings.”

“I don’t get off too much,” moans Denner, body twisted at a painful angle. 

It’s thirty minutes of sick, sadistic mental and physical abuse from the master of all heels, matched with expertly delivered suffering from the jobber jester, who literally sings soprano when Maverick starts in on his balls. You have to see it to believe it, in this Total Heel match.

Total Run-time: 30 minutes

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