Maverick vs. Alvin James (Forced To Flex)

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The life of a pro wrestler isn’t always glamorous. Some people have no respect, as master Maverick discovers when fast-talking Alvin James walks right up to him and demands he pose and flex for his personal entertainment. Maverick informs James, in no uncertain terms, that he doesn't deserve the honor. The fight is on, with James demanding that Maverick flex, and Maverick resolutely refusing, regardless of the abuse young James hands out. 

James thinks he can wear the master down by dominating his hamstrings, ribs, arms. The master fights back by clamping James’ head so tightly the only retaliation he can offer is a weak stomach jab. A rear naked choke seems to weaken the master further, until he rises like smoke with a bewildered James upon his back. Unphased by being thrown across the ring, James returns the favor by entangling a clearly spent Maverick in the ropes. 

That’s when James gets too greedy, switching his request from “flex for me”, to “crawl for me”. As broken as he may feel, this is too much for Maverick, who lunges at the mouthy wrangler with everything he has left, striking with fists, feet, and open handed slaps that crack like lightening. 

Will the master end up flexing for this ferocious fighter, or will he earn the respect he deserves?

Total Run-time: 21+ minutes

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Alvin The Invincible

Alvin James completely dominates the taller and more muscular Maverick in this beatdown of a match. It takes a while, but Maverick eventually gives in to James relentless and sadistic assaults. But Alvin is never satisfied with Maverick's attempts to appease him and ends up choking him out. The only thing missing from this match is more flexing from Alvin and a final victory flex with his foot on his humiliated rival, otherwise a great domination match.

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