Matty O'Boy vs. Zacky Darlin (Re-Match)

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These real-life boyfriends left the sweetness of their relationship at the door and tore each other apart for your sick entertainment. Now, they’re back at it, having gained even more combative skills. 

Trading in his strawberry-blonde hair for a fiery red, Matty O’Boy is a more confident fighter. His adorable, hung and hairy beaux Zacky Darlin is still a beast on the mats. Facing off with those nice, evenly matched bods, these boyfriends mean business. 


These bodies have known each other in both love and war, creating a compelling connection that makes it hard to tear your eyes away. At times it’s you can’t tell if they fighting or making aggressive love to one another, and the sounds of groaning in pain reflect the sounds of moaning in pleasure. Zacky runs his fingers through his boyfriend’s hair, only to pull it roughly. Sweet tickling results in rage from the ticklee. 

It’s hard to name holds in this match, as they’re basically operating at the most aggressive level of grappling, their thin, sexy bodies so rolled up and and wound together it would take a team to pry them apart...but who’d ever want to do that?  

Several highly erotic moments are stolen in between the crotch abuse, foot torture, face slapping, and more. One man is left panting on the mat, barely able to open his eyes. It might be an awkward scene at the breakfast table tomorrow, but worth every rough, aggressive second!

Total Run-time: 19 minutes, 45 seconds

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