Matty O'Boy vs. Zacky Darlin

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Matty & Zacky make an adorable couple. Constantly showing each other affection outside the ring or off the mats. However, the competition when they start wrestling each other throws all that mushy stuff out the window.

I met Matty & Zacky at a local bar one night and started a conversation about wrestling. A few drinks later, they were ready to get down to action. 

Both look evenly matched, roughly the same height and weight…but Zacky has high school wrestling experience and a strong desire not to lose. I saw it when he was trapped in tight holds. He doesn’t like giving up. In fact, he hates it. 

The two are cute to watch and it’s very hot watching Matty struggle to gain top position against his boyfriend. He’s got a boyish charm about him in real-life, but in the ring the competition fires him up and he gets aggressive and squirmy. He may not have the skills to dominate, but he tries so hard. Straining to wrap his legs around the body and head of his opponent. 

I enjoy watching Matty’s flexibility as he pushes his hips to the ceiling in an attempt to alleviate pressure or escape a grinding hold. He finds several moments to take control of the match, but when it comes down to it, Zacky is the better man this day. 

As soon as the winner has been declared the cuteness between the two starts right where it left off. A loving embrace and a smooch put the two lovebirds back on excellent terms with each other.

Total Run-time: 21 minutes, 30 seconds

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