Matt Burns vs. Killer Kris (Rookie Wrecker)

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Matt Burns is new to the wrestling world.  He appears eager, ready to go, jumping around and getting loose in the ring.  Enter onto the scene the man who will train him, Killer Kris, who frankly is not interested in how eager Matt is, how much jumps around and how loose he gets.  He is here for one thing, and one thing only, and that is to explain the truths about professional wrestling.  The first question Kris has for Matt, "Are you sure you want to do this?"  When Matt replies he does, Kris gives him a simple, "Okay" and the training begins.  Kris tells Matt that they should begin with squats in the middle of the ring and watches on as Matt begins his workout.  Moving behind Matt, suddenly Kris jumps on Matt's back and Matt falls to his knees from the weight.  "Is wrestling as fun as you thought it would be?" Kris mockingly asks.
Some blows to the chest and then a head lock on the mat that Matt turns into a roll up has Kris laughing but he is impressed when Matt does make it back to his feet.  The pair trade full nelsons until Kris starts to show the darker side of pro wrestling with a timely back kick into Matt's groin which releases the full nelson and causes Matt to fall to the ropes.  Arm bars turn into stretching the rooking back like a bow all the while Kris continues to ask the question if this is really what Matt wants.  To Matt's credit, he does manage to get back to his feet after virtually every beat down, showing that is he doesn't have the smarts to get out of the ring with Kris, he at least has the courage to see it through to the end...something that Kris is all to eager to provide to him.
Once Kris has had enough of his lesson, he decides it is time to end it once and for all and show Matt who is who.  A sleeper hold that nearly puts Matt out is followed by a suplex and then a devastating arm bar which leaves Matt laying virtually motionless in the ring.  Kris decides to take the ring jacket Matt entered with as his prize, that is at least until Matt (in a somewhat rookie mistake), after being berated by Kris, gets up one final time, only to find himself on the wrong end of a pile driver in one last brutal lesson.  Finally beaten, Kris decides he doesn't want the ring jacket after allm, and just tosses it in Matt's direction, leaving the ring, asking Matt if he really wants to be a part of "His world".  If you enjoy a student/teacher video where the teacher may not necessarily have the best interests of the student in mind, Kris' deconstruction of Matt in this video will be just for you!
Total running time:  20 minutes, 34 seconds

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