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Vinny versus Brian (Part 3)

We've had the appetizer, we've had the main course.  Now it is time for the dessert. 

Having pretty much had his way with Brian, Vinny has taken the young stud apart and made him suffer in ways I don't think he has in the past.  In this brief but tasty Part 3, Vinny has the final say with whether or not Brian will even get to remain conscious in this world, or whether or not Vinny feels like putting the young grappler down for good. 

I won't ruin the ending other than to say I think you will be satsified with the result.  Any time we get a chance to see Brian's body spread out for us to enjoy is worth is.  Help yourself to the entire'll be glad you did!
Total running time:  2 minutes, 38 seconds

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