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Vinny versus Brian (Part 1)

Most of us are familiar with a three course meal.  This is what we have here with this match between Vinny and Brian.  Here is the appetizer. 

Both wrestlers get stretched out and loose before they truly engage one another.  It is not a good sign when Brian suddenly ends up on Vinny's shoulders at the onset.  Brian attempts some offensive moves, but they are generally dismissed by Vinny who manages to throw Brian up against the wall, stretch him in a modified camel clutch and otherwise cause Brian pain and suffering.  But remember, this is just one third of the entire meal. 

Will Brian be able to come back from the early beating he is taking at the hands of Vinny, or will Vinny continue, and maybe even escalate the torture he is inflicting on Brian?  You'll have to watch Part 2 to find out!
Total running time:  7 minutes, 45 seconds

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