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Josh versus Raphael (Part 2)

In Part 1, Josh and Raphael waged a mostly Greco-Roman wrestling battle.  In part 2, all bets are off! 

The pair trade sleeper holds so that they can strip each other of their singlets, Josh down to a thong and Raphael to a speedo.  Raphael uses Josh's singlet to choke the dazed grappler, and later traps him against the wall and delivers so serious open hand slaps that resonate throughout the mat space.  I think that might have woken Josh up, because he then goes full steam ahead with a beat down of Raphael, with wedgies and blows to Raphael's chest. 

In the end, Josh puts Raphael down for the count with one final sleeper hold and leaves knowing that he has bested the youngster.  Two very fit grapplers going at it tooth and nail in this winner of a video!

Total running time:  8 minutes, 38 seconds

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