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Josh versus Raphael (Part 1)

Two muscular guys dressed in singlets.  One mat.  Seems we have all the ingredients for another Greco-Roman type match between Raphael and Josh. 

The two start staring each other down, then we see some stretching before the pair get down to some down and dirty mostly Greco-Roman wrestling, albeit with a W4H flair!  Sure, there are the inevitable blows to the chest, one grappler gets placed on the back of another, but for the most part these two stick pretty close to Greco-Roman style rules, except there is no referee to call a pin.  There are multiple spladles putting one combatant on display, there is a shortened sleeper hold that almost sends one wrestler to Dreamland.  And there is a lot of sweat.  These two put their all into this match, determined to come out victorious over their opponent, no matter what it takes. 

But this is just Part 1 of 2. 

Total running time:  15 minutes, 37 seconds

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