Mars vs. Vance Vanity

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Mars is one of the newest (and sexiest) members of the W4H stable.  His win/loss record however, does not equal his popularity.  He is often the recipient of brutal and relentless beatdowns.  Having said that, he looks so good receiving them.  Here he meets up Vance Vanity, who is every bit the embodiment of his namesake.  Full of himself, he intends to make Mars his latest victim, and do so in a way that is not only physically overpowering, but mentally and psychologically as well, as he trash talks the cute stud from the beginning to the end of the match.
Mars look incredibly sexy in his small blue speedo, but it is clear he is outclassed here.  Vance goes to work on the impressive abs of Mars, as well as the lower back.  He locks on moves so tight that Mars is all to eager to say whatever Vance wants him to get some relief.  At times just breathing heavy and at other times whining about his plight, Mars is barely able to recover from one punishing move before Vance has placed him in the next.  Despite Mars pleas to stop, Vance has other ideas, and they all involve pain for Mars.  He allows Mars to get up "just so I can knock you down again."
If you are a fan of seeing incredibly hot guys get manhandled, indeed, embarrassed and force to say demeaning things about themselves while being instructed to say nice things about their opponent, then this is for you.  And do I even need to mention how good the wedgie on Mars looks?  (I didn't think so).  Kicked, punched, thrown around the ring and placed in stretching moves that almost defy physics, the pain is so intense that it seems at times Mars' eyes will pop out of his head.  One of the best beatdowns on a hot stud in the entire W4H library, you will definitely enjoy this one!
TOTAL RUN-TIME: 22 minutes

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