Mars vs. Drew Harper

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Say what you want, Mars is a fast learner.  He may have gotten his ass handed to him in his first bout with Cameron, but he has learned a thing or two from the encounter.  Here he faces off against Drew Harper, a man who is not afraid to bend or twist the rules in his favor.  At first, Drew gets the better of Mars, keeping him off his feet and unbalanced, however, as I mentioned, Mars has taken in everything he learned from his first match.  Here, a well-placed low blow equalizes the odds and for the first time in his young W4H career, Mars has control of the match.
Unfortunately, Mars spends a lot of his time when his opponent is down posing.  He does manage to deliver some more punishment in the form of a few suplexes and splashes, but if I were his coach, I would recommend to him that the worst thing you can do when your opponent is down is pose, you must push your advantage so they don't have time to recuperate.  Mars learns this firsthand as Drew shows Mars that he is not the only person who can deliver a low blow.   Suddenly, Mars is once more rolling on the mat in intense pain.
The battle seesaws back and forth until one of the combatants senses an opening to deliver some final moves.  Multiple bulldogs leave one wrestler down on the mat, with the other now going in the for the kill.  Finally defeating his opponent, the loser is forced to raise the winner's hand in victory.  An incredible sophomore outing for Mars, who has improved by leaps and bounds, as well as Drew's always winning performance keep this one on the edge until the final fall.  You certainly won't be disappointed seeing these two muscled grapplers go one on one.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  21 minutes, 32 seconds

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