Mars vs. Cameron (Rookie Wrecker)

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There are certain wrestlers, that when you first see them in a video you say to yourself, "This guy may have something, the 'it' factor."  He has the potential to have a long career and the fans may just fall in love with him.  I would submit that the new guy here, Mars, may fall into the category.  Of course, his first opponent is against none other than the standard bearer of underground wrestling, the Champ himself, Cameron.  Someone who HAS shown he has the "It" factor.  Now he finds himself in the ring against the newbie, and the first thing he notices?  He is impressed by Mars body, but he hasn't even laced up his boots correctly.
Cameron offers Mars some tips on dressing better for a match and then questions his selection of a gold speedo for his gear.  Clearly referencing his own award winning ass Cameron says the best Mars should be wearing is a bronze one.  The two eventually decide to see how Mars wrestling skills are and lock up.  To say that Cameron takes Mars to school may be a bit of an understatement.  Moving from punishing move to punishing move, the Champ's decade plus year of experience only means one thing for Mars, a good twenty plus minutes of pain.
Cameron decides Mars doesn't even deserve to wear the boots he has on and begins the process of removing them from Mars.  Mars does have an impressive physique, but even the best sculpted abdomen can be hurt when they are tied up in the ropes and laid bare for punch after punishing punch.  Figure fours, tombstones, bulldogs, piledrivers, you name it, Cameron delivers his "Best of" move list to the newbie so he has something to remember him by.  Finally leaving him laying in the middle of the ring moaning, Cameron gives him the advice to "Stay cool this summer". 
A noteworthy debut to W4H's newest stable entrant!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  22 minutes, 26 seconds

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