MarkO vs. Markus Vachon (Grudge Match)

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Markus (6'1", 195 lbs.) is chomping at the bit to get his hands on his long-time Fr-enemy. Marko (5'7", 175 lbs.) is one of the longest reigning champions on the scene. He's intense, too.

The match is back-and-forth as both man try to gain an upper-hand. Both men are put through some long torturous holds. Eventually things go down the low road. Face ripping, dirty tricks and ball bashing. Each man making the other suffer. Pride flies high in this intense match.

Marko dominates Markus towards the end of the match. He even picks him up from numerous near-falls and knockouts. Finally, Marko plants Markus with a 3rd DDT that puts him out for good.

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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Vachon fights back

Having watched a number of matches with Markus Vachon being squashed, tortured and humiliated, this video was an encouraging turn of events for the bearded hunk. Even pitted against a bigger Marko, Vachon dishes out his own punishment and proves he's a helluva lot tougher than other matches might have suggested.

Let's see Vachon squash and punish another wrestler on your roster. From beginning to end, Vachon should be pulling every dirty trick possible to get revenge for the beatings he has taken.

Vachon was tough enough to take it, now it's time for Vachon to make an opponent regret he ever got in the ring with him.

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