Mark Muscle vs. Zach Altovito (Outdoors)

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Mark Muscle is in full “Tarzan” mode flexing in the woods clad only in his leopard print bikini brief. Not to be outdone in the gear department, Zach Altovito, in a rose print speedo, stumbles upon Mark and the pose off is on! Soon the posing is not enough and it comes down to which is stronger. A test of strength leaves one on his knees but that soon becomes a bearhug from behind.

This is truly an irresistible force vs. an immoveable object contest as two of the biggest individuals in the Bro Battle stable have it for more than 30 minutes. Head scissors vs. head scissors, pose offs vs. pose offs, cheap shots vs. cheap shots. Nothing is out of bounds (especially when you are in the great outdoors) in the battle!

In the end, you knew there could only be one person standing. Unfortunately, for one to be standing, that means the other has to be laying on the ground, unconscious, the victim of another devastating head scissor. The winner walks off after claiming, “He’s done.” and counting to 10. The loser will hopefully come to and make it back to civilization. But if he is not seen in a few days, send a rescue party out after him!

Total Running Time: 31 minutes, 36 seconds

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