Mark Muscle vs. Tristan Baldwin

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Mark Muscle is on the couch catching a few Z’s. Wander in Tristan Baldwin who decides to throw some water into his face, reminding Mark that the rules of the house are that everyone needs to be ready for a fight at any time. And bring the fight Mr. Baldwin does, much to the chagrin of a devastated Mark Muscle. Muscle find himself twisted in ways he has rarely been twisted before, set upon like a dog with a play toy.

There are few wrestlers who bring the trash talking to a fight quite like Tristan Baldwin, and he is in rare form here. Taunting the bigger many at every opportunity, it is not enough to just beat Mark Muscle, he must humiliate him as well. When Mark begs to know why Tristan is doing what he is doing, the stud simply replies, “Because I can!”.

The ultimate humiliation comes when Baldwin decides he wants Mark Muscle to suck his thumb like a baby. Baldwin brings out a figure four headlock a dragon sleep hold and every other weapon in his arsenal. Finally forced to suck his thumb, Mark Muscle falls victim to a sleeper hold, thumb in mouth, dignity denied and match lost.

Total Running Time: 25 minutes, 20 seconds

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