Mark Muscle vs. Tank (Bro Battle)

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Mark Muscle and Tank are in a nearby hotel room posing for each other and the camera.  Evenly sized, evenly matched, Mark begins the contest with a test of strength and quickly announces that the only way he can win is with a cheap shot, which he delivers to Tank. 
What starts as a match of punishment quickly turns to a tickle contest between the two.  To see two huge mountain men so easily defeated by a few tickles is amusing at first, then sexy as hell as it continues.  
It quickly becomes obvious that all is fair in this contest, from bearhugs, to head scissors, to low blows, to tickling, to nipple twists.  Anything and everything that will make your opponent squeal or beg for mercy is okay between the two, and they pull everything out of their bag of tricks.  Just when you think the match may be heading in one direction, one of the combatants will suddenly send it in another direction with an unexpected move.
The one thing that is totally defined in this match is Mark's experience.  He has been at this a much longer time than Tank has.  But in this situation, with the unpredictability of what Tank may do next, does the experience do him more harm than good?  If he was expecting one thing due to his experience, and gets another from Tank, the advantage swings towards Tank.  The two match blow for blow until one is left flat on the bed, his opponent on top of him, forcing the other to admit that they lost this bout.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  23 minutes, 51 seconds

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