Mark Muscle vs. Mike Splitz ( Split & Stretched)

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Ever marvel at the impeccable endurance, discipline, and physique of a true ballet dancer? Probably, but those guys tend to be cocky, and they don’t even realize it. Mike Splitz is one of those guys, wishing he had a massive mirror so he could admire his ridiculous stretchability. Enter the giant, Mark Muscle, standing 6’4” with 255 lbs of solid mass to his credit. He’ll teach this adorable blonde hobbit a lesson...or will he? 

Mark begins by putting Mike in a sleeper like something out of Greek mythology, with biceps the size of Mike’s head, asking this lithe and cocky kid what really matters...muscle or flexibility? Mikey fights back, locking his arms around the giant’s torso with a fight and vigor that soon travels up to Mark’s impressive neck, rendering him red-faced and raging. 

Pec punishment, ball punishment, and a killer headlock reduce Mark to a puddle of manmeat, forcing this brick wall of a man into a fit of struggling and straining that must have looked like a muscular blur of tattooed stars, bass clefs, and om symbols. 

Mike seems to reach nirvana as he exacts a dragon sleeper on the giant, which opens the door to more brutal peck punishment and a final rear naked choke that puts the gold-clad titan to sleep. It’s a David and Goliath match...but will this Goliath rise again to exact his revenge? 

(Featuring a special cameo appearance by Garrett Thomas)

Total Run-time: 28 minutes

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