Mark Muscle vs. Joey Nux

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Joey Nux is no wimp, but Mark Muscle towers over him, bigger in every way. A finger-locked test of strength has both brawlers bent backwards and breathless, as Mark maneuvers Nux all the way down to floor for some serious arm wrestling. Faces clenched in raging determination, back muscles glowing in the light. Mark’s hairy back and biceps ripple with effort...Nux’s freckled shoulders flinch and flex as a draw is declared.

Mark succumbs to Nux’s bearhug. Nux suffers in Mark’s agonizing, bone crushing bearhug. It’s a back-and-forth, even exchange of power, and two big boys fight to be on top in one rough test after another. Full nelsons, dizzying lifts and spins, and crushing headlocks leave these wrestlers grinning from ear to ear, almost enjoying the exchange of holds. Is it possible they’re having fun impressing each other? Nah...they’re just getting warmed up.

Soon sweaty bodies are grinding and colliding in corners and strained voices scream for mercy as one test of strength after another produces only more sweat and stinging pain. Finally Mark can’t take anymore, clamping Nux’s pecs so hard his thumbs are visibly digging deep into, forcing Nux to his knees. Nux returns the favor, double-fisting Mark’s pecks so hard he’s left breathless. So, who’s the ultimate alpha?

Total Runtime: 19 minutes, 12 seconds

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