Mark Muscle vs. Garrett Thomas (Headscissors)

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Mark Muscle and Garrett Thomas have tangled before, but Garrett doesn’t remember. These two dudes have outstandingly muscular bodies, each one able to break a man or squash a dude’s head like a grape with those hard, killer thighs. 

But Garrett’s got the right idea. Nothing destroys a musclebound bruiser quite like a forced stretch...or a headscissor. Mark Muscle might as well unpack his bags, because that’s how long he’s gonna be trapped within the Boss Hog’s brutal thighs. 

Garrett talks Mark through his clearly elaborate abdominal workouts whole holding the big man’s head between his thighs. Garrett plays games with Mark’s ability to stay conscious. Garrett pretends to be Mark’s mommy when he’s too out of it to sit up. Garrett’s a boss, and there’s no doubt about it. If you’ve ever wondered how Garrett achieves those epic abs, you won’t want to miss this match.

Total Runtime: 21 minutes, 7 seconds

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