Mark Muscle vs. Cash (Bro Battle)

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Mark Muscle likes to show off, of that there can be no doubt. And when you have developed the body he has, with a virtual armor for abs, I guess he has earned the right. So when we start Mark is flexing for the camera. Cash has been in the pool watching him and as he gets out of the pool and has a few choice words for him. It isn’t long before the two are locked in combat, seeing which can back up their words.

A few power moves, a full nelson and a head scissors later and Cash realizes he may be in for a patented Mark Muscle beatdown. Down on the mat stretched out, on his feet into a devastating bearhug, head and body scissors later, and Cash is forced to admit who the better man is. A humiliating foot into the face, all of Cash’s energy is drained from him by the big man.

No slouch when it comes to a devastatingly handsome body, seeing Muscle totally destroy the hot stud and deprive him of any type of resistance, in the end Mark forces Cash to sit in a lounge chair and watch him as he flexes for him. Cash admires the big mans muscles and has to admit his mistake from the beginning.

Total Running time: 20 minutes, 35 seconds

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