Mark Muscle vs. Austin Cooper

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HD does nothing but favors for Mark Muscle. Fuck! That body is a work of art. When those abs are clenched, those pecs are flexed, those lats expanded, and that chest...well, you could erect a village under those shadow-casters. Enter Austin Cooper, who normally is a sight to see himself. Funny how our biggest bruisers look like boys next to Mark. The trademark Cooper biceps are no match for Mark’s. Nothing on Cooper is a match for Mark. Or is he? 

We start nice and easy, humping the floor for an arm wrestling session that turns Cooper a distinctive shade of green. Mark compliments Cooper’s strength, while kissing his own money maker bicep and watching Cooper struggle to turn the tide with two hands instead of one. Like a kid scaling a jungle gym, Cooper leaps on the muscle man. Must be kinda fun to climb somebody instead of the other way around. 

Suddenly we are reminded that some muscles are only for show. Cooper’s power is for fighting, not flexing. Maybe we under-estimated him. Can Mark, a total tower of toned muscle, be brought to his knees?   

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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