Marco Thunder vs. Z-Man

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I got a text message from Marco asking if I could help him get some private wrestling sessions. After a few exchanges, I had him ready to appear on my site. I’ve seen pics of him and have had several e-mails suggesting that I get him for videos, but it’s never worked out. Finally! 

When he showed up he was in wayyyyyyy better shape than I had seen in pics. He’s training for a bodybuilding show and was only a few weeks out. Not only did he look good, but he was super easy to work with. Open to almost anything and willing to work with far less inexperienced guys to get the best results possible. Like a better looking, more jacked version of myself.

Anyway, I knew I had to get him and Z-Man in the ring to show the new guys what to expect. 

The begin builds nicely with the two feeling each other out, before the action picks up. Z-Man has always been high-energy. I’ve asked him when he sleeps and he just responds “I don’t need to. It’s part of the Cuban fire” while flashing that movie star smile.

Marco has some high school wrestling experience and has competed on the underground scene for years, plus he’s strong as hell. He starts dominating Z-Man, but the muscle mass seems to impact his wind, as he begins to slow. Z-Man is a fireplug. He never tires. 

The two continue the back-and-forth action before Marco muscles Z-Man up into a Tombstone Piledriver to knock him out cold. 

I can’t wait to film with Marco, again. I have lots of ideas floating around in my mind for future bouts.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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