Marco Thunder vs. Rendell Zebu (Bearhug Battle #1)

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Rendell Zebu is best known for his potions, poisons, and his total humiliation and domination of much bigger dudes. Now this lithe, lean, limber, and smooth snake is taking on the tattooed, babyface prince...muscle-stud Marco Thunder. No potions, no poisons. Not a single drop of snake venom. This here’s a bearhug battle. Let’s get it on!

Marco Thunder wastes no time clamping his slim opponent between his action figure perfect arms, forearm muscles rolling with strain, pectorals bouncing as he lifts Zabu off his feet. Looks like it’s gonna be a squash job for sure, but then slim Rendell turns up the heat, clamping Thunder from behind. The unexpected pressure from the leaner man paints a confused expression on Marco’s face. 

Soon a glossy layer of sweat highlights Rendell’s straining muscles, as he fights to free himself from Marco’s crushing face-to-face squeezes. 

“You tired yet? Wanna give?” asks Mr. Thunder. 

“Never!” groans Rendell, barely able to get the words out. 

You’d have to be a fool to engage Marco in a bearhug fight, but Zabu’s no fool. He possesses a tremendous sense of balance and weight distribution, and if anything his slimness only makes Thunder have to work harder to cause damage.

“Damn, you’re slippery!” remarks Marco. Yeah, that sweaty body helps too. It’s a straight up squeeze fest, as two very different fighters grip and compress one another with only one goal in submission!

Total Run-time: 22 minutes, 33 seconds

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