Marco Thunder vs. Mad Dog Mike

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If you came here for the pure muscular perfection of two chiseled slabs of meat, barely able to string three intelligent words together, circling each other in sweaty aggression, asses and cocks barely contained in skintight gear, this is the match for you. 

Marco Thunder and Nick Sparx look like they were made to fight each other, two over-inflated action figures carefully selected and measured. They lock fingers, clash chests, lats and obliques on full display. A struggling test of strength leaves each man breathless, bringing them to the floor for armwrestling. Suddenly Sparx’s superior bicep pops into view, only Marco’s strength matches him. They struggle, using legs and abs and glutes to glue their sweaty frames to the floor. 

The arm wrestling rolls into floorwork, as these guys can’t contain themselves for another minute. They tear into each other, matching hold for hold and working in tandem to give you the strength exhibition fight you’ve been longing for. Bearhugs, heads imprisoned in sweat-streaked thighs, and humiliating spladles are just a few of the punishments that await, as each powerful stud struggles to reign supreme...and keep his douchebag hat on his head.

Total Run-time: 22 minutes

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