Marco Thunder vs. Jobe Zander & Hugh Hunter (My Nuts, Bro)

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Attend the tale of Marco Thunder
A lad so bad, he was torn asunder
Imprisoned in a cage of steel
Beaten by more than just one heel

So goes the legend of Marco Thunder, a muscular leading man with a “fuck me” face, trapped in a nasty cell and fed to a pair of rough, raunchy, mature maulers. There’s no escaping, so Marco might as well just tighten those wondrous abs and take it like the bitch he’s been reduced to. 

Brutal ball-buster Jobe Zander and sexy daddy-type Hugh Hunter take turns taking care of the muscular prisoner, pounding his abs, twisting his legs and bare feet, crushing his neck. 

Nothing can prepare you for the epic moment when Hunter rides Thunder’s chest, twisting his cock like a doorknob, while Zander ties his legs into sailor knots. 

Quite possibly the best two-on-one punishment vid available!

Total Run-time: 25 minutes

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