Marco Thunder vs. Guido Genatto (Loser Does Chores)

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You could say Guido Genatto is a beer-guzzling, lazy layabout...but I wouldn’t recommend saying it to his face! Poor, pretty Marco Thunder struts around the place, all smooth muscles and youthful attitude, urging hairy terror Genatto to get off the couch and help clean their wreck of a place. 

That’s it! Genatto gets up, but not to clean. Thunder finds himself crushed under Genatto’s full weight, his bicep crushing his neck, grinding his face into the dirty mat. 

“You gonna wrestle me, or you gonna fuckin’ lay on  me?” groans Thunder. 

“Yeah, I’ll fuckin’ lay on you just like I lay on my fuckin’ couch!” barks Genatto, locking his legs around Thunder’s arms. “You’re fucked, look at you...trapped. YOU’RE gonna clean this place!” 

Hammerlocks, brutal arm twists, and particularly nasty moves come into play, as cleaning supplies are found and quickly discarded. It’s cool to see Genatto wrestling in a small space, showing something  different from his highly athletic ring technique. 

One way or another, that floor’s getting mopped. The question is, who with? The loser bitterly mows the lawn, cleans the car, and rakes leaves in only a speedo! 

Total Run-time: 22 minute, 23 seconds

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