Marc Merino vs. Ethan Andrews & Dolph Denner

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Marc Merino is a beast. When he shows off his big and pumped muscles we can only be impressed.

This time he got cocky and takes on not one, but two experienced wrestlers the same time. As Ethan Andrew and Dolph Denner enter the ring they are not impressed! They know that they may be not as big but are much more experienced than Marc.

The duo begins their attack on the bodybuilder, Marc Merino. It looks like they are too weak. Marc seems to be invincible against the punches and strikes those two smaller wrestlers deliver. Luckily for them, they are a team. Together they start to work Marc down. Slowly at first since Marc's power looks to be too much for those two. But every scissor hold and every choke make Marc weaker and weaker. 

Dolph and Ethan work the big man down until he is being dominated by the two smaller men. They easily punish the powerful stud. They don't give him any chance to recover. Choking him, deliver leg locks and body scissors. They even claw his mighty abs and punch his big chest. Every body part is attacked as Marc screams in pain. But they will not show any mercy and continue on and on.

Several more sleeper variations follow. They trap him in the ropes and sleeper him more but don't let him go on. They want him to feel the pain until the very end. When they think that Marc suffered enough they deliver a double suplex on him. Scissors and stretch him until he can't take it anymore and finally has to admit defeat.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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