Maddusa vs. Jet Wave

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Every hear the phrase that someone has a gaze that "Stops people in their tracks"?  Well, that is exactly the situation Jet Wave finds himself in in this video.  Already tied up and unable to escape, onto the scene comes Maddusa, who mysteriously wears sunglasses.  It is not long before we find out exactly why he does so.  When he removes the glasses, Jet Wave is frozen in time, immobilized, unable to move, paralyzed where he is and at Maddusa's mercy.  It is a power that Maddusa will use often during this meet up with Jet Wave, and one that he uses to his every advantage.
When Maddusa stops time, he uses the power to deliver pain to Jet Wave.  Blows to the midsection, ball grabs and all sorts of other dastardly moves are on the menu, and used by Maddusa just as he restarts time and Jet Wave has no idea how he got into this situation.  And just as Jet Wave may be attempting to try and mount an offense, Maddusa removes his sunglasses and time stops once again.  With Jet Wave once more unable to move, Maddusa uses this time to slowly strip Jet Wave out of his costume until he clad in just a small white speedo.
There is little Jet Wave can do when your adversary can virtually freeze everything and everyone around him.  Jet Wave had lost the battle before it even began, and in the end he find himself sitting in an old tire, stripped down to his speedo, his face frozen in pain, Maddusa having taken one of his red socks and used it as a gag for our hero.  An clever storyline for this Hero Hunks entry, and one that is completely satisfying and expertly executed by both our hero and villain.  You won't be sorry if you spend 20 plus minutes enjoying this incredible video!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  21 minutes, 34 seconds

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