Lon DuMont vs. Marc Merino (Wedgie Wars)

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Marc Merino is sparing on the ring and flexing is big muscles when Lon Dumont shows up. Lon tells him to help him and giving him some help. But as soon as he can he delivers a low blow to Marc to start the fight.

What follows is the stripping and destruction of a bodybuilder. Tons of trash talk, submission moves. Lon shows who is the boss and the real wrestler, stripping Marc down to his underwear. Trapped in Lon's mighty Sleeper holds Marc's muscle get weaker and weaker with every move. He tries to fight back but Lon doesn't give him any chance for a comeback. He has to follow all commands as his mighty arms get heavier and heavier.

Lon enjoys to be in control. Sleepering Marc out several times just to start all over again until Lon delivers the ultimate Sleeper hold to Marc to knock him out for good.

If you like big men put out in Sleeper holds this match is a must buy. Marc never looked hotter as he gets knocked out by the hot and mean Heel.

Total Run-time: 24 minutes

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Warren Tong
more two-sided wedgie wars.

Very one-sided wedgie war. Hope the next one has both sides getting it.

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