Lon DuMont vs. Austin Cooper (Playing Doctor)

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We open on Doctor (Lon) DuMont wearing a long white doctor's robe while standing over his collection of "surgical" tools. What looks more like a selection of items you'd see in a "Saw" movie.

Shortly after entering the ring, Austin Cooper is chop blocked from behind then he is chloroformed by the sneaky DuMont. He welcomes Mr. Cooper to "Doctor DuMont's World," where he will be tortured. Austin has his mouth, eyes and throat examined via vicious fish hooks and gouges. Not very professional is the wretched doctor.

Lon throws in a few wrestling holds, but his vision is facial reconstruction for his patient. Austin barely attempts to get away, not because he doesn't desire to get away, but because Lon is way more devious than Cooper.

Dr. DuMont punishes his patient's balls before delivering the final choloroform attack.

Austin Cooper is tied into the ropes and prepped for "surgery" as DuMont claims before the Kiss of Death sleeper-hold provides the "anesthesia" needed before the first insertion.

Total run-time: 20 minutes

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Great fantasy!

This looks like a great fantasy scene - love the way Lon was trapped in the ropes

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