Lobo The Sidekick vs. Dr. Maniacal

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Lobo is 5 minutes late for his tryout as Dr. Maniacal’s assistant. Unfortunately for Lobo, Dr. Maniacal is not a very forgiving person. I don’t think Lobo was aware that the entire tryout would consist of having to endure a prolonged beating at the hand of his prospective employer. I doubt he ever imagined what was in store for him when he answered the Craigslist ad.

Firstly, the add clearly stated “no capes” and Lobo shows up wearing a bright red cape. Not good. However, it is the metallic red square cuts that Lobo wears that really interest Dr. Maniacal, and he goes about pulling them up until they are like a thong on Lobo. The applicant is forced to endure spanking at the hands of the evil doctor. Butt cheeks now bright red, Lobo experiences a beating the likes of which he has rarely seen. Stretched in many different ways, totally at the mercy of the much larger and stronger Dr. Maniacal.

I am not sure that this type of interview would ever pass any regulatory scrutiny, but in the end, Dr. Manaical has just two instructions for Lobo…..1.) Lose the cape….throw it away, and 2.) See you Monday, you have the job. I am not sure that Lobo will like benefits package, and the hours might be long and arduous.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 20 minutes, 5 seconds

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