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Travis Maverick versus Drew Harper (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this video, Travis informed his fans that his wrestling career was over, and this would be his last match. 

His opponent?  The man who had been his opponent so many times in the past - Drew Harper. 

There was a twist though, Travis informed Drew that all of the times Drew was victorious in the past, Travis had let him win.  This incensed Drew and he went full steam ahead, putting every move on Travis he knew, and each time Travis laughed at him. 

As we start part 2, the pair decides on a test of strength to see who is the better, and soon Drew is on his knees.  Travis now places Drew in a series of holds, ironically all of the holds Drew had attempted to put Travis in earlier.   It is clear that Travis intends to go out on top.  Putting Drew out and giving one more thank you to fans, Travis is interrupted on more time by a distraught Drew. 

Will Travis put Drew down for good?  Or will Drew have his final revenge and put Travis out, as the fans seem to enjoy?  You'll have to watch to find out!
Total running time:  10 minutes, 55 seconds

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