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Travis Maverick versus Drew Harper (Part 1)

Sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news, but this is the first part of Travis Maverick's final match. 

Addressing the camera directly, Travis thanks all the viewers for watching his matches and for the love they have shown him. 

Enter into the picture his most common opponent, Drew Harper.  Travis has faced Drew more than any other match, and to be honest, normally Drew would come out on top.  So you can imagine how Drew feels when Travis tells Drew that he basically lost to him because that is what the viewers wanted to see, they enjoyed seeing Travis lose, and all of the moves and holds that Drew put Travis in, really weren't all that painful or impressive.  This naturally pisses off Drew and so he goes on the offensive, but as he is placing Travis in those exact moves, Travis is basically laughing at him the entire time, as if to prove his point that they weren't that bad. 

They decide on one final stake, if Travis wins, Drew has to admit Travis lost to him on purpose, and if Drew wins, Travis will admit the holds were legit.  It will all be decided in Part 2 of this video!
Total running time:  12 minutes, 48 seconds

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