Lash vs. Ricky Felix

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Ever have a hair appointment go wrong?  Maybe the stylist cuts just a little more off then you want, and you are left with the results?  Well, how about when your stylist decides to use the hairbrush as a foreign object and deliver it straight into your skull?  That 's the dilemma Lash is in as he is trying to figure out how to use his new hairbrush.  Ricky Felix can help him and after he wets Lash's tinted locks, he then decides it is a perfect opportunity to teach Lash even more lessons, this time of the wrestling variety.
Ricky should be careful what he does though, because Lash manages to turn the tables on the ring professional and once he gets a hold of the hairbrush, he finds a new, more painful use it (if you get my meaning).   Back and forth the combatants go, each moving from control to control of their opponent, with the action even spilling outside the ring for a portion.  The brush is a constant presence in the match, whether used as a weapon or just as a prop.  
Ricky finally gets the best of Lash with a prolonged Boston Crab that once and for all saps the strength of the young grappler.  Ricky tells Lash he is lucky it wasn't a hair vs. hair match, and then grabs the water spray bottle and brush once more and instructs Lash to "brush up" on the basics.  A prone Lash is left to contemplate his predicament, the victim of one of the most painful hair styling appointments I think he will ever experience.  I don't think Ricky will get much of a tip from Lash however.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  21 minutes, 08 seconds

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