Lash vs. Jonny The Body

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Lash and Jonny are in the center of the ring for an arm wrestling contest.  A quick win in round 1 goes to Lash, while round 2 goes to Jonny.  As is often the case, round 3 goes off the rails with one combatant using it to take the upper hand and get on top of his opponent.  It's not long before that is reversed however, and what follows is a even matched bout with both grapplers using their time with the advantage to place the other into arms bars, headlocks and even get in some humiliating spanking for good measure.
Eventually, more painful moves like backbreakers, camel clutches and leg scissors are introduced as Lash begins to assert his dominance.  Throw in some more spanking along the way, and you have a hurting, if playful Jonny who seems to be enjoying everything that is happening to him, maybe a bit too much.  He doesn't offer too much resistance and just seems to really enjoy rolling around the mat.  It is not too long before Lash seems to have hit his stride, able to put Jonny is whatever hold he deems appropriate.
The end for Jonny occurs when Lash decides to break out the move that has ended many a match, a sleeper hold.  Tight within the power arms of Lash, the playfulness of Jonny slowly ebbs as he finds he is having more trouble staying awake, never mind enjoying the whole experience.  Now, it is only Lash who is enjoying what is happening, as he watches all the energy leave his opponent.  Finally asleep on mat, Lash offers one last flick of a finger to a prone Jonny.  Two hot guys in a fun match!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  19 minutes, 25 seconds

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