Lane Hartley vs. Wayne The Jobber 2 (From The Vault)

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Jock hunk, Lane Hartley is standing tall in the ring as he eye-balls the shorter, lighter and less talented opposition, if you wanna call him that. Personally, I'd say he's more of a ham-and-egger. You know? That local jobber you see on TV facing the good-looking, muscular champ. That's who Wayne is. 

Don't get it wrong. Wayne is tough and he's got a mouth on him, but it's clear that he stands little-to-no chance in the ring against someone with Lane's pedigree and build.

Lane is cool, charismatic and skilled in the ring. He's got everything it takes to be on top of the wrestling world. He plays with his victim. More like a toy than anything resembling a real challenge. 

We get to see Lane showcase his offense of classic pro wrestling holds and submissions while displaying his power and finesse. Lane is ready for the championship belt to be place around his waist. He wants real competition.

Mr. Hartley is sending a message to the boys in the locker room. Wayne is a sacrificial lamb. His power is impressive. He picks up Wayne with ease in a Torture Rack. He rag-dolls him out of the corner and hard onto his spine. Dominating suplexes. Powerful backbreakers. Wayne is destroyed, defeated and devastated at the muscular hands of Lane Hartley.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 30 minutes, 10 seconds

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Lane does it again..

Lane destroys just about every body part of Wayne the Jobber. Amazing match!

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