Lane Hartley vs. Nick Justice (Punished)

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Lane Hartley is 6’1”, 230 lbs., and an absolute pleasure to watch wrestle. You can call him big. You can even call him a bully. Just don’t call him "Stay Puft Marshmallow Man", "Jared Leto", or a hipster. That’s going too far! Nick Justice makes every one of these mistakes within sixty seconds of this highly anticipated pairing of punishers. But his greatest mistake is challenging Hartley to a push-up contest. Less than one set in, and Justice finds himself in a well-deserved, and fiercely forceful camel clutch that does little to shut him the hell up. 

Justice turns it around, locking the long-haired bully in a headlock that has his taped feet kicking helplessly. Justice maneuvers the massive man to the ropes, where he finds himself getting kneed in the head by Hartley, who follows up by resting a heavy thigh on Justice’s neck, leaving Justice no choice but to wrench himself free and beat the bully back with a powerful kick to the chest. 

“You’re just a bully bitch,” Justice laughs before working Hartley’s “hipster” hair and landing a series of insults about how he takes his coffee. This, of course, calls for some brutal ball abuse that leaves Justice hobbling, but still antagonizing the bigger man. 

You will feel the floor buckle and tremble beneath the weight of these two titans, who hammer away at one another with feet and fists, and wear each other down with bitch moves like eye-gouging, ball-grabbing, hair-pulling, and even biting. Who punishes who in this brutal battle for supremacy?

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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