Lane Hartley vs. Markus Vachon (Poker Night)

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Markus is sitting minding his business playing a game of solitaire when Lane Hartley wanders in sipping a glass of wine. Lane explains to Markus that he had to have an invitation to even be there and to drink from the bottle of the wine that he has emptied. How will Markus pay for the $800 bottle of wine? Lane suggests with a “pound of flesh” and the assault begins. Taking the bottle to the top of his head, Markus spends the next 30 minutes absorbing a beatdown from Lane like no other.

Stretched in so many ways, his legs locked in painful holds, including a devastating cloverleaf that leaves him a mass of flesh on the mat, Markus begs to be left alone. Lane will have none of it. Using the cards for a sadistic rake across the eyes (don’t try this at home)….Lane then uses a folding chair to take a seat upon the prone jobber.

A brutal bearhug and a sleeper hold finish off Markus and although the saying is that one is left “holding the bag”, in this case the asleep wrestler is left “holding the bottle”. Lane has extracted his pound of flesh, taught Markus a lesson in the meantime and re-established the rules for who gets to enter into his ring and when.

Total running time: 31 minutes, 32 seconds

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