Lane Hartley vs. KARN & Maverick

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I have been getting tons and tons of requests for 2-on-1 matches and Lane Hartley being squashed. I posted on FACEBOOK that once the page received 750 likes that I would be release the footage.

So here it is: Lane Hartley with barefeet getting dominated two-on-one by a muscle-God (Maverick) and a lean powerhouse (KARN) from this October. Lane is definitely out-matched with these two, but he does suffer so, so well. Lots of creative double-team moves are used all over the destroyed body of Lane.

It's Thanksgiving Eve: I wish you a safe and happy holiday. If anyone has some free time in between turkey, football, family, Black Friday shopping and watching this great match, PLEASE comment on below.

I am off to the gym before enjoying a relaxing holiday with friends and family.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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