Lane Hartley vs. Chet Chastain (Poker Night)

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While the rat’s away, Chastain will play! Return to the red-curtained wrestling nethersphere, where a certain rat pack seems to be the only true symbol of prestige worth fighting for...and we do mean fight. Chet Chastain thinks he’s pretty hot shit, helping himself to the rat pack’s supply of drinks and entertainment, until Lane Hartley returns unexpectedly to hurl the golden boy into the ring, with a very special message for the young and dumb. 

Watch with glee as Chastain’s fingers are twisted, stomped, and wrenched in all the wrong ways by a cool-as-ice Hartley. Chastain’s arm is practically wrapped around his neck, leaving him wide open for some aggressive armpit torture. Hartley stomps, stretches, and strains Chastain’s left arm so hard a tremor of pain passes over the pretty boy’s face, rippling straight down those glistening abs and all the way down to his shiny black boots. 

Hartley rolls all over Chastain, exacting his masculine superiority over the kid with a calm, freestyle relish, chattering on about video games, underage drinking, wardrobe care, and what this country is coming to while punishing Chastain with camel clutches, scissors, and headlocks that make the kid practically cry like the sniveling bitch he is, all before dressing him up like a little doll. Chastain will certainly think twice before breaking and entering.

Total Run-time: 29 minutes

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