Lane Hartley vs. Braden Charron (Domination)

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Braden Charron was supposed to get dressed up to meet Lane Hartley. All Braden could find was a tie so he put it on. Unfortunately, it was Lane’s tie and he is none too happy with the situation. Lane shows up in the ring in a dress shirt and vest. When he sees how Braden is dressed, his anger consumes him and he takes it out on muscled stud.

Lane takes every opportunity to use the tie around Braden’s neck in various and sundry ways to choke him for his dressing violation. Those who know Lane know that he is very comfortable in the ring, and a master at dishing out punishment. Unfortunately for Braden, that is exactly what happens. Lane goes to work on the abs, traps, legs and midsection of Braden. No part of Braden is speared the onslaught.

Finally removing his own stylish clothes Lane intensifies the attack on Braden. Soon he is gasping for air, moaning from the pain to his abdomen and back and struggling to stay awake. Braden taps out multiple times from the intense barrage he is enduring. The final indignance involves the “stolen” tie once again used to help choke Braden as he is suspended over the back of Lane. On display for all clad in just his tight blue speedo, if you enjoy seeing a muscled wrestler totally destroyed, you won’t want to miss this match!

Total running time: 30 minutes, 11 seconds

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