Lane Hartley vs. Austin Cooper (Knock Outs)

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Lane Hartley (6'1", 220 lbs)

Austin Cooper (5'10", 190 lbs)

Austin is in the ring preparing for his upcoming match. He knows he's in for a rough one since he's taking on the most dominant brute of the year: Lane Hartley.

Lane is smooth and cocksure. Austin is no slouch. He's built for the part, but more importantly, he's been working on skill set. Austin is an accomplished amateur wrestler. Lane is a much accomplished pro wrestler.

The lock-ups are intense and aggressive. Lane is surprised from the outset by Austin. Surprised, but not unsteadied. Austin showcases his quickness, speed and explosiveness.

Lane finds Austin to be like a mosquito on the most beautiful summer day. He just wants to have fun with Austin and doesn't see the well-built amateur as an equal. The name of the game for Lane today? Knockouts. He toys with Austin. Knocking him out and waking him up numerous times. Sleepers! Piledrivers! Tombstones! Headscissors!

Total Runtime: 32 minutes

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