Lane Hartley & Kelly King vs. Ethan Andrews & Austin Cooper

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It’s a complete departure from previous titles, featuring nothing but boys being sweet to each other. Austin Cooper helps Ethan Andrews stretch those hamstrings. Ethan Andrews tells Lane Hartley and Kelly King how great they look in their workout gear. Somebody pours a cup of’s not what happens at all. 

Four men climb into the ring. Cooper and Andrews are Team Orange, sporting bright trunks, against Team Musclebrute, Hartley and King. Team orange gains the first advantage, clamping Team Musclebrute in twin chin-locks, only to drag both big guys kicking and groaning across the floor, putting the squeeze on those hefty torsos. 

Team Musclebrute rears back, applying a thunderous series of kicks so centrally placed they’ll make your eyes water. But Team Orange renders the big boys useless, rolling bubble-butt Hartley right out of the ring and throwing bag-of-bricks King across the ring like a wet rag. 

Team Orange can more than handle themselves, but Team Musclebrute is just warming up. Get ready for faces of pain and bodies of brutality in Tag Team Turmoil, culminating in the sort of wrestlefest, piledriver-laden free-for-all you’ve come to expect!

Total Run-time: 26 minutes

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