Lance Hart vs. Chace LaChance (My Nuts, Bro)

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If you’re into sleeper holds and ball crushing matches, this one is perfect for you. Lance Hart is handsome and strong, and he has no interest in being one of the countless jobbers for Chace LaChance has destroyed at W4H. Of course, most guys end up looking like jobbers when wrestling beefy Chace. He has an extremely impressive win/loss record here at W4H and it is easy to see why. Chace is more than just a sexy man with a hairy body and huge muscles. He has excellent wrestling skills, knows how to use them, and enjoys seeing his opponents suffer. 

In typical fashion, Chace has Lance on his back and pinned in just under a minute. Lance must be embarrassed when Chace does a victory pose so early in the match. Eager to save his pride, Lance gets big Chace down on the canvas and immediately grabs for Chace’s ample package. There’s no question about Chace’s strength, but any man would submit quickly when his manhood is squeezed, and Chace is no exception. Chace also hates to lose, so he immediately turns the tables on Lance and returns the favor. Lance is quickly screaming when Chace follows up with a couple of squeezes of his own, followed by some very painful stomps to Lance’s manhood. As Chace arrogantly walks around his suffering opponent, he comments that he’s not sure if Lance is hurt or likes it. Given that Lance’s bulge appears to be growing and getting hard, he may be right. 

Chase is the first to use the sleeper, a hold he has clearly mastered. There’s much back-and-forth on the use of the sleeper, as well as some painful punishment to each man’s package. Lance is even quite creative in how he uses the ring ropes to torture Chace’s package. Chace is not one to outdone. Lance gets in plenty of ball crushing and a few good sleepers, but he’s no match for the brutality Chace is known for. 

This was not a one-side squash at all, but in the end, Lance is left flat on his back and writhing in pain. But much as when Chace first started working over Lance, his package still appears to be hard, thus indicating he enjoyed it. Even Chace pulls back his trunks and adjusts himself, something many of us would be happy to do for him. Chalk up another victory for beefy Chace.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 18 minutes, 58 seconds

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