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Travis Maverick versus Johnny Greco

Many of the issues that occur between wrestlers that share a hotel or apartment could be solved if the people identified

1.)  Who slept in which bed and
2.)  Whose food is whose. 

Here, we start with Travis Maverick posing for the mirror showing off his impressive body.  He moves to the kitchen where he starts in eating Captain Crunch when Johnny Greco comes upon him.  Johnny has one issue, that was his Captain Crunch. 

Johnny claims Travis doesn't buy any of the food but eats it all.  Travis seems unconcerned with the situation which seems to really piss Johnny off and he slams Travis into a door and begins delivering blows to Travis' midsection.  This has only minimal effect, however, and Travis comes storming back, puttin Johnny in several power moves utilizing his impressive leg muscles (a leg scissor does its work to soften Johnny up), and upper body strength (a sleeper hold causes Johnny to tap before he falls unconscious). 

Johnny is not without his moments however, and he manages to turn the tables on Travis, slapping on his own sleeper.  Will Travis fall to the incredible upper body strength of the big Johnny, or will he manage to once more grab the victory in the bout and continue to go on and help himself to whatever everyone else brings into the house.  You'll have to watch to find out in this thrilling bout!
Total running time:  25 minutes, 29 seconds

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