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Gabe Steele versus Brendan Byers

One wouldn't normally think that some french fries could set off a chain of events that would lead to two wrestlers beating on one another in a kitchen.  But that's exactly what happens in this video as Brenda Byers is finishing up some french fries when Gabe Steele enters the kitchen looking for some, but Brenda has just about finished them off.  Complaining that Brenda could have left him some, instead, Brendan eats the last few fries right in Gabe's face, which causes Gabe to go off and start beating on Brendan right in the kitchen.  Ball grabs, stomps to the chest and water bottles are all used for Gabe to exact his revenge on the blindsided Brendan, who can only cry in pain.
Brendan is nothing if not resourceful however, and he soon reverse thinks and has slammed Gabe's head into the stainless steel refrigerator door.  A reverse head lock/backbreaker over Brendan's knee keeps the pain coming for Gabe, but I don't know if it was the fries or something else, but Brendan just seems a step behind Gabe, who quickly changes his fortunes and goes on the offense and puts Brendan down for the count with a sleeper hold.  Two underground wrestling veterans in a new setting, and you are sure to enjoy it!  I can at least tell you, you may never look at a pair of tongs or a spatula the same way again.
Total running time:  22 minutes, 25 seconds

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