Killer Kris vs. Bjorn

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Killer Kris has proven himself to be more than capable to handle himself against virtually any opponent, even some of the nastiest Wrestle4Hire has thrown at him.  However, Kris has never faced an opponent where he only came up to his opponent's shoulders.  Bjorn is a monster of a man, standing head and shoulders above Kris in the ring.  The difference in height does nothing to deter Kris however, and he just sees the match as another job, another opponent he needs to take care of and cut down to size.  One difference, Kris may find that all of his bravado and posturing will do nothing to actually deal with the situation he is in.  Trash talking may sound good and please people, but it does nothing to cut the big man down to size.
Early in the bout, Kris finds himself on the receiving end of a wicked headlock and on his knees after succumbing to a test of strength.  It is not until Kris decides to employ some "less than legal" ways that he manages to get the big man off his feet, and can use their parity on the mat to his advantage.  Slapping on leg scissors (which barely fit around the monstrous midsection of Bjorn) keeps the big man on the mat and delivers some much needed pain to Bjorn.  And yet, at virtually every turn, Bjorn manages to rally once again and get Kris in a bearhug, rear headlock, full nelson or other devastating move.  Bjorn even manages to seemingly crack that veil of confidence, if however briefly.  But not for long, as Kris has taken down men far more impressively before, and he will again.
And it will take another less than legal move, a well placed backwards leg swing into Bjorn's crotch to once and for all get the big man down on the mat.  A head butt to the crotch, and two well placed boots, not only to the crotch but also to Bjorn's throat finally have the big man reeling, and Kris intends to take full advantage of the situation.  Tying up Bjorn's legs, Kris then goes to work on the feet and ankles of Bjorn, assuming that if the big man can't stand, things will go well for him.  All of that goes for naught as Bjorn one more time mounts an offense with a lifting choke hold, and slamming the stunned Kris into the corner.  Kris goes for broke with a sleeper hold, knowing that keeping a man Bjorn's size going takes a lot of oxygen, so if he can deprive him of that it could be the final straw.  Bjorn falls to his knees on the mat, and then is prone as Kris' sleeper hold fully takes hold.  Enjoying his victory, Kris lifts Bjorn's lifeless arms to show he has defeated the Goliath.  A great video outlining a true big man vs. little man battle!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  20 minutes, 02 seconds

Customer Reviews

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Great Match

Exactly what I was hoping for!! Always great to see a huge tree chopped down

Harold Reed
Love it

The back and forth was great, and Iove sleeper holds:) :) :)

Big Muscles Sleep

love this match, these are the sleeper holds you wish for!! no option to tap... your taking a nap! love when A wrestlers knows how to struggle in a sleeper hold with abs on display! love watching a muscular man going to LALA Land. more please.

Rip Hawk
Big Beautiful Bjorn Goes Down

Killer Kris is my kind of heel--looks and acts like he just got out of federal prison and he can't wait to try all out all those nasty lessons he learned. The way he takes down big Bjorn is masterful--body part by body part, he grinds him down until his will is gone and those Scandanavian muscles have turned to putty. Bjorn has proven himself to be a tough bad-ass who overpowered Bronco and destroyed pretty-boy Mars, but he's Kris's prison bitch by the time this one is over, letting the little guy play with his arms, squeeze his balls and rearrange his hair with the hope of avoiding another sleeper knockout.

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