Kayden Alexander vs. Big Bear

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What is it with Kayden Alexander? Has he not accepted the fact that he’s out of his league here at Wrestler4hire? If he wants any chance of winning a match, this punk needs to be finding opponents who weigh less than 120 pounds. Instead, he steps into the ring against Big Bear, a wrestler almost twice his size who has much more strength and experience. Maybe he thinks his pretty, long, blonde hair will help him. Maybe he thinks his pretty eyes and smile will distract his opponent. Maybe he thinks his skimpy blue trunks with white trim will show off his little twink body enough to keep his opponent from focusing on the match. Then again, maybe he’s just a glutton for punishment. 

Big Bear wastes no time in starting his beatdown of this pretty little twink. We are confident Big Bear was as surprised at Kayden’s willingness to step in the ring against him as we were. To his credit, Kayden does make some attempts at an offense by pulling Big Bear’s shirt over his face, trying to whip him into the ropes, and even a feeble try at pulling Big Bear down to the canvas. The results were not good. Poor Kayden ended up getting picked up and dropped over Big Bear’s knee, then dropped to the canvas like a sack of wet cement. That’s what happens when you’re mismatched against a man like Big Bear. He makes another attempt at getting Big Bear into a hold, but ends up getting carried like a bride across the threshold on her wedding night. Unlike the bride who is gently placed on a bed, Kayden lets go of Big Bear and is dropped hard onto the canvas yet again. His face is red and he is breathing hard, yet we are still early in the match. 

Big Bear gets him into a scissors hold and Kayden tries hitting the big man in the chest with his fists. Big Bear just brushes his hands away and tells him he is embarrassing himself. That’s a serious blow to Kayden’s pride. Can you imagine being in a wrestling ring and having your opponent tell you that you’re just embarrassing yourself? How humiliating! The more Big Bear squeezes, the more Kayden cries out like a little girl. To his credit, Kayden comes back with a leg drop, a kick, and a shove, but they have no impact on the big man as grabs the little twink jobber and puts him back into the scissors hold. Ouch! Kayden attempts yet another comeback, but is quickly and literally squashed under the big man. He’s then put into a painful headlock with his face planted right in Big Bear’s arm pit, causing the jobber to cry out that is smells like onions. Kayden manages to escape the pit torture only to have Big Bear grab his pretty blonde hair and ram his face into the turnbuckle a few times. The twink is seeing stars now. 

Big Bear puts the jobber in a reverse choke and pulls him around the ring like a kid pulling a little red wagon. All we hear from Kayden are grunts and moans of pain. Big Bear squashed him in the corner a few times, then puts his knee squarely in Kayden’s gut and twists it around, dropping Kayden down to the canvas yet again. A long-held scissors from Big Bear has Kayden in serious pain and gasping for air when it is finally released. Big Bear then wraps his massive thighs around Kayden’s skinny little waist and his big arms around that pencil-like neck. He squeezes, stretches, and chokes his twinky jobber all at once. Big Bear tosses him around like he’s a dish rag. Big Bear gets Kayden in another scissors hold and adds a reverse choke to it this time. Before long, our helpless little jobber is in dreamland. The big bulge in his tiny trunks indicates he’s enjoyed himself, even though he got a serious ass-beating. When he wakes up, he rolls out of the ring and leaves. Perhaps he should have done that much earlier in the match.

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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barefoot fan
Big Bear barefoot

Glad to see a big Beef barefoot bro beat down the punk Twink and specifically love Big Bear's dirty soiled bottoms of his feet so I hope the twink Kayden caught some nice scent.
Thanks for the big bro feet.

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