KARN vs. Markus Vachon vs. MarkO

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When the bell rings, it’s every man for himself. Or is it? 

Vachon and MarkO dig into KARN like hungry dogs into a piece of perfectly tattooed meat. KARN finds himself pinned to the corner, two boots in his neck, but while the big guy is down, Vachon and MarkO attach each other...and why not? It’s every man for himself! 

MarkO gets KARN in a glorious camel clutch, only to find himself in the middle of a meat sandwich as Vachon clamps a hold on his chin. These guys are stacked like figures on a totem pole, until MarkO laces his fingers in Vachon’s luxurious hair, pulling his head back with a viciousness equal to the brutal arm twist KARN is applying to the fallen former champion. 

MarkO and KARN make a great team, teaching the vain Vachon a violent lesson, with a little help from a long leather strap. Naturally KARN turns the pain back on his buddy when MarkO’s back is turned, brutalizing MarkO’s arms, shoulders, fingers, and legs, until a revived Vachon straddles MarkO’s head, pulling MarkO’s feel up in a completely humiliating hold that makes the figure four that follows almost look like a picnic. 

These skilled scrappers fight in every possible combination, looking like living action figures locked in battle. Who will come out on top?

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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