KARN vs. Guido Genatto (Alpha Males)

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It’s like a match made in wrestling heaven! If you’re familiar with these dudes than you know that just reading those names side-by-side inspires a rush of heat and eagerness that can’t be matched. It’s the trash-talking, sadistic smiling stud against the tattooed master of pain and punishment. Easily the two hottest guys wrestling today, there is simply no comparison. Now watch these two boulders of brawling power collide with all the power and rumbling wildness of thunder on a mountaintop! 

As expected, no time is wasted on frilly dialogue, as these two bodies lock up, twist, tangle, and triumph over one another, only to unravel like yarn, roll up like carpets, and endlessly move, change, crush, and challenge one another to step up that game. 

Genatto’s head is trapped between Karn’s thighs, Genatto crushes Karn’s neck with forearm and bicep, Karn wrenches Genatto’s arms behind his back and squeezes his muscular torso, only to have his own arm twisted nearly out of socket...all this in less than three minutes! Camel clutches! Figure fours! A comprehensive listing of all the moves put into play here would fill up ten pages, that is how astonishingly fast, furious, and fastidious these fighters are.

Total Run-time: 22 minutes

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